Which Sci Fi Films Get Cited in Research

1Do the robots of “Star Wars” or the genetically-engineered dinosaurs of “Jurassic Park” have any influence on real-world scientific research? Many scientists and engineers can probably list their favorite science fiction films that inspired their careers and work. But data science could help dig deeper into science fiction’s influence within the thousands of research papers found in online databases.

This idea of identifying influential sci-fi films in research grew out of a conversation I had with Sparrho, a UK startup founded by ex-scientists who wanted a better tool for finding relevant research. Since 2013, Sparrho’s founders have developed a search engine for scientific research that uses machine learning algorithms to tailor search result recommendations to each user’s individual interests. Sparrho also has access to the online database of the British Library, the UK’s national library, through a special partnership. That means the online service can access research paper abstracts going back to the 1890s.

Finding the Top Contenders

The Sparrho team graciously agreed to trawl through the available data in search of possible sci-fi influences. Katja Bego, a data scientist at Sparrho, started out with a list of 40 popular science fiction films selected through a combination

Animal Hair Could Inspire Self Cleaning Technologies

2Watch a fly land on the kitchen table, and the first thing it does is clean itself, very, very carefully. Although we can’t see it, the animal’s surface is covered with dust, pollen and even insidious mites that could burrow into its body if not removed.

Staying clean can be a matter of life and death. All animals, including us human beings, take cleaning just as seriously. Each year, we spend an entire day bathing, and another two weeks cleaning our houses. Cleaning may be as fundamental to life as eating, breathing and mating.

Yet somehow, cleaning has gotten little attention.

In our new review article in the Journal of Experimental Biology, we discuss how cleaning happens in nature and whether animals indeed have principles for getting clean. We looked at microscope images to count the number and sizes of hairs across hundreds of animals. We read nearly a hundred articles on cleaning in nature, trying to put numbers onto the cleaning process.

Extrapolating principles is an important step for science, and even more necessary for engineering. Learning better ways to clean will not just

Could Modified Proteins Build the Microfactories of the Future

The Atomic Structure of VRC01 in Complex with HIV-1 gp120

The Atomic Structure of VRC01 in Complex with HIV-1 gp120

The central production line of active biomolecules – from DNA to RNA to proteins – is an exquisitely fine-tuned process with a rich evolutionary heritage. From the four-base nucleotide alphabet, three-letter sets, or codons, specify one of 20 amino acids to build the enzymes that make metabolism happen.

There is, however, some room to maneuver, and biologists have found an important loophole to hack the system and introduce novel functions or sensing capabilities into different proteins.

Building a chain of amino acids requires four key components. Amino acids (1) are attached to their specific corresponding tRNA carrier (2) by a tRNA synthase enzyme (3). Holding onto the amino acid with one hand, tRNAs grope around for specific codon triads on the mRNA (4) with the other, adding their cargo to the nascent protein if all the cogs fit into place.

But with 64 possible codons (4 to the third power), and just 20 amino acids, there is room for degeneracy: RNA triads AGU

8 Ingenious Repair Tools You Need To Have Handy For Handheld Electronic Devices

Most of us are not concerned about the condition of our mobile, tablet or a laptop until something happens and we are panicky to get it repaired as swiftly as possible, because life without them is totally a nightmarish experience. At many a times, the problem may be minor, but due to our ignorance we have developed a strange notion that the job is tough and can only be handled by specialists. In reality, it is quite possible to take care of minor problems like securing slackened screens, tightening a loosened battery compartment or opening the handheld device to get it cleaned from inside. When you have the correct repair tools at home, it becomes a whole lot easier to put right these petty problems that you come across in the laptop, iPhone, mobile or a tablet. At first while this idea of doing the darning duty all by yourself may make you cringe, but this important little step will help make it surprisingly easier and more importantly very easy on your pocket. No doubt an interruption in your work is annoying when the gadget goes haywire, it is difficult to cope up with the idea of calling the technician

Latest Iphone 6 Mobile Covers that you can buy

There are many ways that you can buy iphone 6 mobile covers, and if you’re confused on what type should I go with, let’s discuss some of the latest iphone 6 mobile covers. With advancement in digital technology and communication channels, the Smartphone is one of the marvelous innovations of the tech world.

A small device packing so much of punch in it; yes, it is one of the most sophisticated computing and communications device in the sleek digital space.

iPhone 6is the latest in the Apple Smartphone category has got more widely compatible global LTE coverage, an upgraded front-facing camera and slightly better battery life and the four-inch retina display feels small compared with most Android phones. Apple’s iPhone 6is a lower-cost alternative to the flagship iPhone 5S and comes in five different hues; green, blue, pink, yellow and white.

With iPhone having gone from black to white to colored, there is a huge choice of cases to choose from. Whether you fancy red, or go crazy over pink there are iPhone cases that can suit you. So why should you have a case for your smart iPhone 5C? Well you drop it in a crowded train being pushed around or it

How to use Mobile Mirrorlink Function on Eonon Android Car DVD Player

Eonon is running Black November Sale with up to 30% OFF for Car DVD Players and extra surprise and cool gifts provided for you with limited quantity! A FRIDAY EVERY DAY for the whole November!

Create Mobile Mirrorlink Function is communicated by the Car Union in the car connectivity standard, Mobile Mirrorlink Function technology allows consumers to a compatible smartphone via a USB cable to connect to Android Car DVD Player to access specific music and map application program a more convenient and safer car experience. Similar AppRadio mode, MirrorLink now integrated into AppRadio receiver 3, and provides a vehicle-specific interface and connection with the smart phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and other Mobile Mirrorlink Function certified equipment.

Download the app (prices vary) to your compatible phone. Start the application provides a simple graphical interface, which is very suitable for use in the car, because it is easy to see at a glance, and easier to use.
Connect your phone to the receiver. This sometimes requires a special cable or interface. Start the application on your phone, and click on the receiver Mobile Mirrorlink Function source menu icon. Optimized auto mode menu will appear on the receiver’s screen.

Due to the popularity and use

How to Move Apple Mail Files to Outlook EML Flawlessly

If you want to switch Mailbox program to Outlook Express for Mac, then you must need a professional and fast way to convert one format to another format.

Want to switch from your Mailbox program to Outlook Express for Mac? Fundamentally, due to some reasons, many Apple Mail users are switching to Outlook Express client for Mac. Some need it due to switch to another OS X at different location, like at home or in office. Moreover, sometimes when the Apple Mail users need to exchange emails with Outlook Express client users etc. they need to switch between the email platforms. You might be having a different reason to move between the email programs, but certainly everyone needs to export Mac Mail to EML format.

Concerned about finding a smart way to export Mailbox?

All the needy users are usually concerned with finding a useful method assisting them absolutely to make a convenient switch over. Are you also on lookout for a professional way for Apple Mail export Mailbox? Find a precious solution to handle the transition. Read below for more information –

  • What you need? Definitely, everyone is expecting to discover a reliable and easy method that would also help in keeping your

Creating Mobile Apps Using HTML5 Application Development

HTML5 is one amongst the foremost powerful and feature-rich tools to develop mobile in addition as web applications. Together with the existence of native mobile application tools that change mobile app developers to drill all the amendments in it, there are cross-platform tools in addition that may prove advantageous in several alternative ways that for development.

While android and iOS high the charts in the mobile app-building business, alternative native application-building operating systems like Blackberry, Windows et al are creating demanding efforts get their markets up. On the opposite facet, there are constant innovations and predictions relating to new methodologies that get the market.

HTML5 is that the main domain for many of the cross platform application development tools like Apache Cordova, Rhodes and plenty of others. The key to success of the HTML5 application development tool is that the quantity of flexibility that it offers the developer altogether cases as well as UI, development, exploitation scripts, and others. Some necessary reasons behind the ability of exploitation HTML5 in mobile applications are mentioned below.

1. Robust Features

With numerous domains of applications available in the market, it’s necessary for developers to stay to one utility with multiple options. HTML5 depicts the proper platform to launch

Difficulties of Changing Words in Excel

MS Excel is an alternative of maintaining data in cutting edge world. This item has totally changed the association of data keeping. In like manner to its work it has been altered with latest and required components that make the work of forming both basic and pleasant.

Nevertheless, as incredible and horrible go as a securely attached unit there are a couple of drawbacks of this unique programming.

  • Absence of arranged qualities: Diversity here stands for the openness of MS Excel. When you make cures in MS Excel it just allows you to make in the record you are working. If you have to change words in various reports then you should take help of some find and supplant programming. Here you require a tool that can find & replace in excel quickly.
  • Designing options- Another awful sign of MS Excel. In case you wish to change the content style of the words then you should autonomously choose words for printed style modification. A fair chase and supplant instrument can be astoundingly beneficial at this stage.
  • Words saving: Presume that you have to utilize the changed words or supplanted words in not all that far off future. Things being what they are you don’t

Mobile Cases Extremely Useful And Superbly Stylish

Mobile cases have two primary uses. The mobile cases can be used to protect the phones and they can be used to add a dash of style to the phone.

The protection aspect is most certainly important because with the increase in smartphones price, it is important to give your phone the gift of protection.

Mobile cases act as a primary layer of the phone that takes on the first impact of a fall/scratch/dent or any other such elements that can ruin the phone. The mobile cases come in various materials, the most commonly used type of mobile case materail is silicon. The silicon mobile cases are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to put on the phone, easy to clean and come for a low price which makes them the perfect choice for those who are looking for low cost protection device.

There are also plastic mobile cases which come in shell shape, they protect the back of the phone from dents and scracthes, some of the plastic mobile covers may also protect the sides of the phone. The mobile cases in heavy metal are the most reliable when it comes to protection, the heavy metal covers can take on huge impact that

4 Reasons to Buy Handmade Mobile Cover

Handmade mobile covers are the new way of showing off your latest mobile phone. Those were the days when people used to buy those expensive mobile covers that not even have better visual appearance.

Today’s generation prefer handmade mobile cover much more as compared to other types of covers. Let us discuss 4 reasons that will help you in making better decision.

  1. Durable: One of the best qualities of these covers is that they are really durable. No matter what type of style you go for, these covers not only protects your phone but also looks really stylish. If you’re going to a party, you can try mobile cover with glitters and sparkles on the cover or you can also use those back covers having beautiful stones embellished on the cover. Those who attend daily board meetings can go with leather handmade mobile cover; these covers are really durable and protect your mobile from water, scratches and many other types of physical damages.
  2. Affordable: If you’re low on your budget and couldn’t afford those luxurious mobile covers then this is the best option to go for. These covers are not only stylish but also fix under everyone’s budget. You can choose from large

Buy Selfie Stick Online for Android Smartphones

If you’re thinking of purchasing selfie stick online and couldn’t decide what type of stick you should choose, don’t worry, we’ll discuss some points that will help you in buying selfie stick online.

Although there are many different brands of selfie sticks available in the market but that only make things tougher. It becomes more difficult to choose a dress when you get large variety of choices to make from.

Stick with Remote: You can go with these kinds of selfie sticks that operate with an external remote controller. This battery operated remoter control allows you to click pictures very easily.

Advantages: Looks stylish and comes with remote control, you don’t have to face problem taking pictures with the same hand by clicking the shutter button on the handle.

Disadvantages: Battery operated remote control requires charging for at least 2 – 3 hours before using it. Remote controller can easily get lost or can be damaged which make it of no use.

Built-in Remote: If you’re not a fan of sticks having remote controller for clicking pictures then you can go with this type of built-in remote stick. It comes with inbuilt-bluetooth remote shutter that not only looks great but makes it easier to take

Get the best allied products online

Another important aspect that is concerned with online delivery of the products is that an individual can make order at anytime of the day, no matters what time it is. But, before making order on an online portal, one should make a complete examination about the portal, in order to check its reliability. This reliability check can be done by just asking your friends or relatives, who have made use of this online portal earlier, as they will give the true and accurate information about them.

What do you mean by allied products?

Allied products are the ones that are related to one another and belong from a same class. IN other words, the allied products can be termed as two products have a similar characteristics as well as similar nature.

Different categories of the allied products:

There are different categories of the allied products and are utilized by different industries of products. Below listed are some categories of the allied products:

  • Industrial raw materials – like the fasteners, that are used in oil and gas sector of the industry.
  • Fasteners that are used in stainless steel, in allows steel, and also some special fasteners that are used which are used to make special alloys.
  • There are

Fix Hotmail Related Issues With Efficient Technical Services

“Need of emailing services had increased to a great extent and keeps on increasing with the addition of new features into it. Here, in this content, we are mainly focusing on the Hotmail and additionally, we will also talk about the issues related to this email service”

Hotmail has become one of the leading email services which are widely used all across the world for their personal as well as professionals purposes. It is not only an email service provider but comes under the notice of the people with bundle of its features which include task manager, messenger, storage, and calendar that has helped its users to manage all their tasks in an easy way. Moreover, its interface is very good looking and simple where users can save all their mails to the SkyDrive without occupying lots of space available in the inbox. Still, like other platforms, it comes up with various technical glitches which can’t be figure out by the users itself.

These technical glitches can easily be amended by the hotmail itself. They are capable of providing instant solutions and can help users regarding any types of issues. You can instantly restore or delete your hotmail account, resolve problems of

5 Things to Avoid While Buying Latest Mobile Covers

If you’re too confused after looking so many mobile covers and still couldn’t decide what type should you purchase, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

. This is the often problem that people comlain about while looking for a good quality mobile cover. It’s really hard to decide which one should you choose when there are so many chocies available in the market. It becomes really hard to select one out of many covers. Most of the time people end up purchasing the wrong cover which wasn’t meant for their mobile phone. Let us discuss 10 things that you should avoid while buying mobile covers.

  1. First thing that you need to do is maintain your budget. Don’t hope for mobile covers that doesn’t fix under your budget. If you’re having a low budget phone then there’s no point of purchasing mobile case that costlier than your mobile phone itself. Instead go for standard quality mobile covers.
  2. Decide whether you want a cover with better visual appearance or you want a cover that can provide complete protection for your phone. Or you can go for cover that has both qualities in it but may cost a little bit more.
  3. If you’re planning to buy mobile

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Online Shopping in India

If you’re thinking of purchasing selfie stick online but you don’t know what type of stick or which model to go for, then don’t worry.

Today we’ll discuss some of the latest designs that you can buy from selfie stick online stores. But before finalizing the stick, keep an idea on what type of stick you’re looking for. Selfie sticks are the newest way of taking selfies, some of the sticks are simple pole with a phone holder and other sticks comes with remote controller or inbuilt remote or even bluetooth connectivity. There are many types of bluetooth selfie sticks available in the market.

Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick: You can buy these selfie stick online and these sticks are also really affordable. These sticks are also known as selfie monopods. This stick extends up to a large extent. It has a built-in shutter that is connected to the device via bluetooth connection. The camera holder can be positioned according to your preference which will make it easier to take selfies at different angles.

Extra-Long Bluetooth Stick: If you’re looking for extra-long selfie stick, you can go with this one. It extends up to 50-inches and is great to take selfie of a

Should I Buy Customized Mobile Cases

If you’re confused on whether to buy customized mobile cases or not, then don’t worry, I will tell you few benefits of going for customized mobile cases.

Today, one of the most important and precious thing in our bag pack is our mobile phone, so we need to keep it safe. There are many mobile cases available in the market right now, but it becomes pretty confusing when you have to select one out of many options. You can purchase these covers from the market but still you got to know about the product before purchasing it. Let us see some benefits of purchasing customized mobile cases.

Benefits of Purchasing Customized Mobile Cases

Cool Designs: You can either order customized mobile cases online from or can even purchase it from the market. You can go with those mobile cases that have custom pictures printed on the back of the cover. If you don’t like those heavy mobile covers that not only look bulky but hardly fit in to your pockets, you can order for a slim cover.

Price Range: These mobile cases are really affordable and fix under everyone’s budget. If you’ve a low budget and can’t buy those premium mobile cases, then these

Latest Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your Mobile Phone

These tempered glass screen protectors are made from shatter-proof glass, thereby they are exceptionally strong, scratch resistant and most importantly, they are designed to fend off those frustrating smudges while enhancing the overall look and feel of your device and giving you crystal clear view of your screen.

If you’re thinking of purchasing tempered glass screen protector then don’t wait, just do it. But is you’re confused on whether or not to buy it, and then we will discuss few things about tempered glass screen protector that will surely help you in making the decision. With the advent in cellular technology, human race has been blessed with some brilliant Smartphones and mobile devices which have greatly influenced the way of life of the people. Cell phones are no more limited to just sending text messages and making calls rather they are compact entertainment devices which have given freedom to the people to listen to their favorite music, watch movies, surf internet and play games etc. on the go. However, it is also true that the Smartphones and tablets available these days are extremely costly that cost up to hundreds of dollars. As an owner of an expensive device, no one likes

How to Choose an Ambrane Power Bank

There are certain features that you should look for in ambrane power bank. It’s the most usual problem that we all face when we run out of battery in our device.

Whenever looking for a portable charger, first thing that you need to know consider is the power capacity of the ambrane power bank. There’s no point of spending extra money on chargers with higher battery backup than you needed. Go for the one’s that can charge up to 2 to 3 devices completely in a single charge. You can even gift this portable charger to your friend and is suitable for everyone.

Portable: This ambrane power bank is really portable and you can carry it very easily in your back pack. Its design is small and sleek which allows you keep it your pocket as well. For those who depend on their device all the time, having low battery would be a nightmare for them. There are countless moments when you wished that you had a battery backup for your device that ran out of battery.

Easy to Charge: When once fully charged this portable power bank for smartphones and other devices, it can charge up to 2 to 3 device. You

Iphone 5s Mobile Covers Are They worth It

Most of the iphone 6 users agree that mobile covers are extremely important to them because of the bad grip of the iphone 6s, but iphone 5s mobile covers are as useful.

Mobile covers offer a lot of advantages to the person using them. Earlier, people used to avoid using mobile covers on their handsets because the covers added to the weight of the phone and also, not all phones were touch screen back then, there were normal phones too with real keypad instead of the virtual one.

However, with the popularity of touch screen phones being on an all time high, the iphone 5s mobile covers and other mobile covers as well are gaining importance. Users of Smartphones now buy mobile covers right after they buy a new phone. But are mobile covers worth it?

The price
Mobile covers like silicon mobile covers do not come for a high price; they in fact come for a very nominal price. The iphone 5s mobile covers are available in silicon, metal, plastic and other such materials. The price of covers may even go a little higher than a couple of hundred but the price is still nothing compared to price that you would have